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Success 101

When we think of success we usually gauge it based upon job position, income, and family status, but for some reason we never gauge it on happiness. Every desire, goal, “what if” and “wouldn’t it be nice” moment, is your map. Following these will lead to your success.

WooWoo Retreat - 80% Booked
The Shift Retreat - 60% Booked
Reiki level 1/2/3 Retreat - 100% Booked
Disneyland Retreat - 70% Booked
Coaching - 85% Booked

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

  • My sessions with Renee have been a lifechanger. Her insights, guidance and knowledge have enabled me to make seemingly small changes with huge positive impacts on my life journey to living my truest life. As an empath I struggled with protecting my energy and healthy boundaries. Renee taught me ways to protect my energy with others, reassured me in the process that change takes time, but I have made progress and actually feel energy left at the end of the day for me/self-care! It's not all easy but persistence, doing the homework and raising your self-awareness will bring results!!

    Renee's abilities are amazing and I had many moments saying ' did she know that?' She was in tune with things I had blocked or thought I had dealt with, but clearly hadn't. It felt like she knew me and what I needed better than I did! I am eternally grateful for Renee and her sessions with me.

    You are here and reading this for a reason. This is your sign that this is your moment and you should take action. You will not be disappointed. Renee will guide you with compassion, sincerity, humor and comfort that will be a precious gift to you on your path to a better life.

  • I met Renee in October of 2018 when I first joined SAM (Spiritual Awakening Monthly) but in January of 2019 I messaged her and was like I wanna become a client of yours. I was drawn to her like a magnet for coaching and just knew this was what I needed. Best decision I have ever made for myself, I was scared and really didn't know what was going to happen. Renee has been someone that has not and will not give up on me, even when i wanted to give up on me. She is always there for me, even when I have a meltdown over the silliest things. She talks me through it and works to the root of the problem, she doesn't just put a bandaid on it but heals it with you and gives you the tools to also be able to do this for yourself.

    Renee has changed my life, and this change is always going to be a pivotal moment in my life that has shown the direction I have needed to go but had no clue where, or how to get there or even what the heck it was. I will always be grateful and thankful that I decided to message her and say "okay, I need some help. What do we do next."

    I know there is more to come with my Journey and I am beyond excited to see what unfolds. I am Honoured to have her as my coach.

  • Working with Renee is life changing and so empowering! She is literally available 24/7 and makes you feel like you are her only priority. It is an honour to be coached by her!

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