My Story

I gave myself permission to ask for help. 5 years ago my life was falling apart. I stopped communication with my parents and my friends were dropping like flies.
I had postpartum depression that I never fully recovered from, a 5 year old daughter and a new born son with undiagnosed special needs. I became a hermit, I was surviving and that's about it. I needed to change and I knew there had to be a way out! That's when I discovered Spirit and my life changed. I found incredible teachers and coaches and learned about myself and discovered gifts I wasn't fully aware were there. I was a medium and was able to pick up on spirit around me. It blew my mind. I had finally found a calling, finally felt like I belonged somewhere and finally felt like I had people who understood me. Along the way is where I found my passion for delivering messages of love from Spirit and coaching women who are lost, just like I was.

My Mission

I am here to change lives! Often as adults we forget what we want out of life, we become so ingrained in our daily routine that it becomes a rut. I call this survival mode. We don't know what way is up, or what direction we are going and we are one step away from a breakdown. I help women rediscover who they are and all of their life long goals. We are more than mothers and wives we are us and we deserve to be happy! I help them find their voices again and empower them to set healthy boundaries so they can work on filling up their energetic cup!

Next Steps...

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