Disneyland 2020

The next retreat is Disneyland – Discovering your inner child!

We get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and often as children we were forced to grow up way way to fast. Many of us have forgotten how to play, to seek adventure and to just let go of everything holding us down. We look at children and see how free they are, or we find ourselves enjoying life through their eyes. But we often don’t allow ourselves to enjoy life through our own eyes.

We often feel like a piece of us is missing, or that something is wrong because we don’t really experience happiness anymore. In survival mode we have forgotten how to actually live our lives and that’s a very scary thing. To feel connected, worthy, and like we belong we must bring the inner child back!

What better place to being your inner child out and play but Disneyland!

*Only six spots left for 2020 (February 20th-24th)

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