Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship Readings


Sometimes all we need in life is a little direction. Hints along the way to make a decision easier or to find the path you are supposed to be on. Sometimes it’s as simple as needing external validation so you know you made the right decision. Or sometimes it’s about needing closure when you have lost someone very close because grief is a nasty animal and can take up so much of our time that it’s almost impossible to function at daily tasks.  We need to know we aren’t alone and that there is something greater out there for us. Having the answers we are needing so desperately to move past a situation can be life changing.

My readings do just that! For 30 minutes I will connect with Spirit and deliver messages of love and healing. Angels, guides and passed loved ones will all come forward and offer closure, life advice, and information on your life lessons. Some of my favorite readings to give are on past lives and spirit animals!


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