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I love teaching. There is nothing like watching the lightbulb moment happen in person. I pride myself in helping others change their lives and that’s exactly what my in person classes are geared to do.

The first wednesday of every month is when I host my in person psychic development class. This Class is designed to help the very beginner develop their intuitive skills, so they can use it and carry through life lessons and events. It’s always easier knowing you can trust your gut then thinking you are on this journey alone. They come in a group of three, beginner, intermediate and advanced. To participate in this class you will need to be a member of our Kindred facebook community.

Throughout the year I also offer weekend workshops, typically throughout the spring and fall seasons. These events are highly sought after and are limited to 10 people per weekend. These workshops help you find your purpose and passions, they help you discover who you truly are and gives you the tools to more through life with ease.

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